Hey! Greg Zimmerman here!


Okay then, for almost 30 years I’ve was a rather busy Interior Designer and Decorative Painter in the Atlanta area but that changed a few years back when I moved back to the cornfields of Indiana (family matters) and found my world basically upended. Being of tough Midwestern stock, I’ve taken it all pretty much in stride and, at the moment, am doing pretty well. I guess I’m basically semiretired. I still do select design projects but I find myself spending most of my time trying to keep up with my very active elderly father and two “chats lunatiques” (crazy cats)! I guess my new job description would be “Chief Companion and Cat Herder”?! This site is one of my ways of keeping in contact with the rest of the world and will probably be a continuous flow of cat pictures, sunsets, artsy-craftsy projects and a host of derailed “trains of thought”, because hey, that’s how I roll!