Back From the Dead!

Y’all! I don’t know what I got into, or what got into me, but for the last couple of days, I have been coughing, sneezing and feeling basically like death warmed over! Today I feel “almost” human again! I hate being ill and when I get these sinus things, you might as well just put me in a box and throw some dirt over me! That being said, last night, I’m feeling wretched and looking for some relief, so I tooled into town and got some home remedy items.

Surefire cure for what ails you!

I can’t claim that these items worked, but they did provide some instant relief!

So, now that I’m feeling almost fully functional, I feel the need to get some things done. Crap! Summer is almost over and I’ve got hundreds of unposted sunset and cat photos!

Another day, another sunset!
Angus in a meditative moment

Don’t believe me? There’s plenty more where those came from!

I have to admit that there is one good thing that comes from these short bouts of allergy/colds; my throat gets really raw and my voice drops down into the Bea Arthur/Barry White range! It’s just so fun hitting those low notes!


Anyway, Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re having a great day/night! I’m going to get away from this keyboard, for a short while, and get outside and enjoy the cool, sunny, breezy morning! Catch ya later!

December 29

Hey Diary! Well, it’s been a bit of a mixed bag today. Not the most productive of days but thoroughly enjoyable!


Oh how I’m enjoying my new KitchenAid Mixer! Honestly, I think one could probably mix concrete or mortar in that thing, it’s so strong! But for now, I’ll stick to bread doughs, cookies and cakes! On today’s menu was some English Toasting Bread and it turned out quite well! Great crumb, good consistency and toasts up something special! Dad and I enjoyed a slice, slathered with butter and jam before we headed of for BBQ dinner!

English Toasting Bread
Bring on the butter!
And then there was jam!


Enjoyed a delicious smoked brisket sandwich at the newly renovated and reopened Indiana Smokehouse , @IndianaSmokehouse ,here in Columbus! So glad these guys reopened, as its great to have a great BBQ joint just two blocks from home! Love when they are smoking the meats and the winds blow the smoke over our house!

The Main Event

Seems that the football spirits were not on the side of the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame this evening, so I bailed on them and flipped over to the BBC for some quality time with my old friend Doctor Who! I was thrilled that I got several episodes with The Doctor and his wonderful cohort, River Song! Love these characters! Can’t think of better folks to waste an evening with!

My favorite Doctor
“Hello Sweetie!”

Like I said, not much to report but I’ve promised myself that I will post everyday this coming year! And, hopefully, with practice, the posts will get better and better! That’s it for tonight Diary! Catch you sometime tomorrow!

Merry Christmas!

Dear Diary – Well, Christmas has come and almost gone. I mean, it’s 1:38 pm, so the presents are opened and everyone is lounging comfortably, waiting for the evening gathering of the clan! I hope y’all are having a wonderful day and looking forward to a wonderful New Year! I promise to get better at checking in with you and adding my part to the endless noise that is the internet!

Looking festive!
Waiting on the Fat Guy!

This little guy makes me smile